Droichead Nua, debate on the name, 1962


A report in the Leinster Leader on 19 May 1962, debated the use of the Irish name for Newbridge, Droichead Nua, as its official name. “I think it is very bad form that, despite the fact that the Commissioners are unanimous that the town be known as Droichead Nua,  some newspapers, including a weekly newspaper [not the Leinster Leader incidentally] and certain other bodies and organisations, still persist in referring to it as Newbridge. In the case of the weekly newspaper it seems to be deliberate,” Mr JJ Murray said at Monday’s meeting of Droichead Nua Town Commissioners, when he again protested against the practice of calling the town Newbridge.

“Mr. W O’Neill supported him and said the official name of the town was Droichead Nua and it should not be known by any other name.

“Capt. P Murrihy said that the Dominican College was always referred to as Newbridge College.

“Mrs. A. Moore agreed, but pointed out that the address used was always Droichead Nua.

“The Chairman, Mr. J. B. Kearns, said that they had Newbridge Coursing Club and Newbridge Greyhound Racing Co. But the address used by them was Droichead Nua.

“It was decided to publish an official notice in the local papers and the three Dublin dailies stressing that Droichead Nua was the official name of the town and that no other name should be used.

“The Town Clerk Mr. T. F. Corcoran was instructed to send copies of the notice to the Co. Registrar, the Garda Superintendent, the District Court Clerk, and the Co. Manager.


( from “1962, 50 Years Ago”,  Leinster Leader, 22 May 2012)