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 LAUNCH of "NEW LINK" Vol 1" will take place in the Parish Centre on Wednesday 12th December at 7pm.

“New Link" magazine will be published in two volumes, 12 issues in each volume with some of the original photographs being reproduced at the end of the relevant issues. Vol. 2 will be published in 2019.

Between 1973 and 1977, Newbridge Community Council published the “New Link” magazine to provide a forum for local news, events and organisations. Little did they realise that they were creating a unique resource for future local historians by providing a snapshot of the social and business life of Newbridge in those years.


Selling at €15, its 270 pages and original photos will make a great Christmas present for friends and relatives who want read about or remember Newbridge in the 1970s.

So, come along on the 12th December for the launch, with some of the original contributors remembering the 1970s.


"NEW LINK" launch, Wednesday 12th December in the Parish Centre at 7pm.