Newbridge Barracks Fire, 1823



Connaught Journal, Galway - Monday, June 30, 1823


Dublin, Saturday, June 28


CO. KILDARE - An express arrived in town yesterday, at two o'clock, stating

that the Cavalry Barracks at Newbridge were discovered to be on fire. It is

ascertained, we understand, that the fire was occasioned by accident and not

design, as has been insinuated. These Barracks were some of the most

extensive in Ireland. The fire occurred in the wing occupied by the

Officers. A Quarter-Master Serjeant was the only person hurt.



Connaught Journal, Galway - Monday, July 7, 1823


Dublin, Wednesday, July 2nd


The Cavalry Barracks at Newbridge sustained considerable damage by accidental fire,

which occurred on Friday, and much property, belonging to Colonel Ross, and Quartermaster Jolly,

has been consumed. The fire happened in consequence of a soldier incautiously leaving a candle lighting.